About Badr Adduja
Badr Adduja Arts and Crafts is a place dedicated to people craving for a sense of history melded with contemporary style. Known for the brilliancy of incorporating antiques into more modern elements, each creation at Badr Adduja is sure to take center stage in any given room, presenting nostalgic impressions in the most inspired modern way.(Read more)
Designer May Khoury
Founder and Designer of Badr Adduja May Mikhail Khoury is the heart and soul of a signature style, that embraces traditional heritage items within a modern creation of furniture, home accessories and clothing. “Some people use music, others poetry in my case it’s design… It speaks louder than words in defining our Arabian Culture and Heritage ”(Read more)
International designer awards are indicators of quality of perfection in design, It’s a certificate of excellence and May Mikhail Khoury has been honored with four international awards for her creative designs in the category of arts and crafts (Read more)